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Welcome to My Old House

Every house has a story to tell, what's yours?

  • Was your house haunted?
  • Did anyone famous live there before, or after, you?
  • What memories do you have of the house and the community around you?

My Old House helps you share memories with other people.

What Is It?
  • Keep a history of property you have lived in
  • Share memories of your property and the local area with other people
  • Discover just how much your old neighbourhood has changed
  • Make contact with lost neighbours and friends

You can even find out about an area before you decide to move there.

Your Privacy
My Old House takes your privacy seriously. Please read about your privacy.

Where to start?

First of all, please register. My Old House is totally free to use!

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Featured Memories
Location:DARTFORD, Kent
Title:Watching the parade

From the balcony of our flat, my wife and I had very good views - over an old warehouse that nowadays is Sainsbury's covered car park and the market. Still, summer brought its good points: The one way system would be closed for the summer fete and the floats would come past our flat. Always colourful, sometimes the people would wave up at us.

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Why not add more than one memory to your houses? You can add as many memories and photographs as you wish.

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Just glad that I found your site - have sent you to a few of my friends will send to more later - great idea

Alice Wood


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